Best Friend: THOR (aw yee)

Lover: Black Widow 


Enemy: Black Widow (u bitch.)

Cockblocked By: Thor (wtf man)

Killed By: Hawkeye ( renny no)

Best friend: Bruce (YES!)

Lover: Clint (wanted Loki but there might be reason to believe it could be Loki :3)


Enemy: Natasha (shit, I will be dead and Clint is my lover, oh boy)

Cockblocked by: Bruce (I could honestly see this happening, god Bruce why did you have to hulk out while I was about to get it on with Lok-I mean Clint!?)

Killed by: Bruce 0_o so he’s my best friend, cockblocks me and then kills me?

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    Best friend is funky man with a goatee, Tony Stark Lover is wonder boy from Asgard, Thor First kiss with Clint Barton,...
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    Best Friend: Black Widow Lover: Tony Stark, Iron Man First Kiss: Clint Barton, Hawkeye Enemy: Black Widow (But we homies...
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    BEST FRIEND: Loki Loki FIRST KISS: Loki Captain America COCKBLOCKED BY: Bruce Banner KILLED BY: Thor
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    Best Friend: Loki ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Lover: Steve Rogers, Captain America First Kiss: Tony Stark, Iron Man Enemy: Thor (makes sense...
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    Hey…it was worth a try…you know? Urg hate that
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    No. I didn’t. Tony is in New York, you dummy.
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    Best friend:Thor Loki First kiss:Tony Tony Cockblocked by:Steve Killed by:Loki
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    Best friend: Natasha Lover: Thor First kiss: Natasha ayy Enemy: Tony lol Cockblocked by: Clint Killed by: Bruce
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    Best Friend: Tony Clint First Kiss: Loki Cap C/B: Banner Killed by: Loki
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