I never sleep at night, I just stay up and wait

but the burning in my blood never came

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I fucking love these guys

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The Avengers + Space Porn

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the avengers aka my sudden and immense love for bruce banner

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Tom Hiddleston + Behind the Scenes

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has it really been a whole year……..

clint baby

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design for a pencil pouch, coming to a con… pretty much just in california actually. i dunno about online stuff yet. gonna test out sales at lbce/fanime i guess!! i only just ordered them yesterday, i’ll post pics when i get them

redrew one of my first avengy fanarts because it made my eyeballs hurt but my favorite thing is still superheroes in civilian clothes AND I WANTED TO DO IT RIGHT THIS TIME

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Avengers Phase 1 Box Set


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The Avengers cast at the 2013 Academy Awards

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#this is endearing and funny as well as completely fucking heartbreaking

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see, this is one of the best thing about the blu-ray release.

Much better clarity on the whole bullet issue and you can see the fuckin’ FORCEFIELD  he threw up.

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