For the film prompt: Tom Hiddleston (of course) and Cobbie Smulders. PLEASE!!! (i ship those two XD)

Song - Adele, Turning Tables

Victor (Tom Hiddleston) and Sally (Cobie Smulders) are young actors trying to get their big break in Hollywood. They see each other at various auditions. They land a big commercial together playing husband and wife. Sally is a method actor and takes everything seriously, Victor on the other hand is more in for the fun. After the commercial they have a celebratory dinner and soon they start dating. However they are constantly arguing and never seem happy. The breaking point comes when Sally is offered a lead role in a huge blockbuster film and quickly becomes famous. Victor feels left behind and the two break up. Victor becomes a waiter watching as Sally becomes a public idol and lives her dream. Victor starts to write a film about their relationship. A producer comes into the restaurant and sits down to find the script laying on his table, interested he reads it. When Victor comes to serve he says how sorry he is that the script was there and told him it wasn’t a way to get him to read it. The producer loves the script and offers to help him make it into a film. A major production company buys the script and makes it into a film. The lead female role is offered to Sally who recognizes the story and Victor’s name. She accepts the role. Through the film the two meet again and find they have changed and become closer than they had ever before. The film is a hit and Sally and Victor end up together in the end.

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Film meme - asked by Goldenwatcher

Tom Hiddleston, Kate Beckinsale, Summer Glau, and Milla Jovovich

Song - Avril Lavigne, One of Those Girls

Jack (Tom Hiddleston) is a normal guy, he lives in London in a tiny apartment, he has a job at a big corporation which he doesn’t even know what he is suppose to do. Jack has plenty of friends and pretty okay life but he wants something more. While at a club he meets a mysterious woman, Ruby (Summer Glau). They go back to his apartment, before anything happens Ruby knocks Jack unconscious. He wakes up in a fancy mansion and finds out that Ruby has two older sisters and all three of them are vampires. The eldest sister, Alice (Milla Jovovich) cares about her image and will go to any means to look the best. The middle sister, Sasha (Kate Beckinsale) is very composed and tries to get the three women’s identities under wraps. Ruby is quiet but carries quite a punch. Ruby brought Jack to their home because she liked him but soon the vampires need his help to fight off their maker and maniac Frank and his gang. Jack is ready to go on this adventure but is he ready for the love and loss that is down his path?

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{Film meme + Poster} Requested by imperialimpala

Forget About What I Said - The Killers

Four graduates straight from drama school go into the real world. They are the best of friends. They each have dreams about the world that they are stepping into. Henry (Benedict Cumberbatch) lives in his father’s shadow who was a famous theater actor. He was forced into going to drama school, he doesn’t want to be an actor he doesn’t know quite what he wants yet. Also he can’t stop thinking about his best mate David (Tom Hiddleston). David took his studies very seriously, he doesn’t have legacy or money, he’s had to work the most to get what he wants, to be a true actor, to go to America and make movies and get awards. He fell in love with a girl, but she’s been becoming more distant and acting strange when he starts to get offers and deals. George (JJ Feild) was the class clown and favors comedy plays. He keeps in close contact with all the other guys, he misses the good old days, the parties, the women and all the fun they had together. George never wants to be tied down but after a one-night stand with a girl becomes a bigger deal he starts to see his life is becoming restricted. The last of the group is James (Dan Stevens), quiet and usually left out of the group. His mother became ill right after he left college and has to look after her. He is the youngest of five children, who are all off with their families leaving the two alone. The three other try to help bringing the group close together.

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Michael Fassbender, Colin Firth & Ian McKellen asked by foryoubabyblue

Up with the Birds - Coldplay

Neal (Fassbender) and John (Firth) are brothers who live in Ireland. Their father (McKellan) left them when they were little, their mother brought them up on her own. She died when they were teenagers. The two of them had to relay on each other for support. John is a lawyer and Neal had a long string of jobs not being able to settle down. One day their father comes back into the picture telling them he was close to dying and wanted to spend his last few days connecting with his sons. John and Neal have to decide now if they can trust their absent father and find it in their hearts to forgive him for what he did to them.

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Josh Dallas & Jeremy Renner asked by anon

Revelry - Kings of Leon

Caleb (Renner) was dating a beautiful girl, Rachel and he was very happy. However Caleb couldn’t stop himself from partying around LA and pretending to be the rock star he always wanted to be. After a crazy night he came home and almost died from overdosing. Rachel couldn’t take anymore and left him moving to New York looking for a new life. Heartbroken Caleb goes to his old college friend Sam (Dallas) to change his life and get his girl back.

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Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Jackman, and Zooey Deschanel asked by moo58

Don’t You Want Me? by Human League

Mary (Zooey) is a singer she wants to get in the big leagues  and have everyone hear her music. However she lives in a tiny little town that no one goes too. Her boyfriend, Ted (Hiddleston) always encourages her to follow her dream. One day a big shot music producer, Gary (Jackman) comes through looking for talent at the local bar. Mary plays that night and Gary asks her to sign a label and come to LA. Mary is nervous and second-guessing herself, Ted tells her to do it. She leaves and finds it is a hard business, that changes a person. Will Mary be able to keep her little town roots and the love of her life or will it be replaced by her dream in the big city.

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Michael Fassbender, Ben Whishaw, & Emily Blunt asked by foryoubabyblue

All Fall Down by OneRepublic

Penelope (Blunt) fell in love with Zachary (Fassbender) and they dated for a couple years until something snapped in Zach’s mind. He became obsessive with her, calling and texting every hour to see what she was doing. He became jealous of Penelope’s friend Jack (Whishaw) her best friend from school. The more Zach pushed her the more Penelope ran to Jack. One day Zach sent her a threatening message. Penelope and Jack contact the police, but will it be able to stop Zachary from claiming what he thinks is his?

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Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Benedict Cumberbatch asked by idowhatiwantthor

Waterloo - ABBA

[so I don’t know much about the Battle of Waterloo, so everything is from Wiki but I like the idea so going with it!]

Arthur Wellesley Duke of Wellington (Cumberbatch) under the direction of extravagant King of England George IV (Hiddleston) is ordered to fight the Emperor Napoleon of France at Waterloo. Arthur doesn’t want to go because he had just recently married Kitty Pakenham (Swinton) after coming from another battle. Arthur sets out for the fight and the trials he would have to over come. While fighting the army surrounds a house, Hougoumont where Leslie Brodrick (Blanchett) and her family lived. Arthur defended the house however it was burned down by Nappleon’s army, Leslie set about to help and win the battle.

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Christian Bale, Matt Damon, Natalie Portman, Kiera Knightly asked by Paxton-fettel

Better by Regina Spektor

Terry (Damon) has always been the protector of his two younger sisters Lilly (Portman) and Rose (Knightly). They live in a small town and their parents died when they were little. One day a stranger, David (Bale) comes into the town, he opens a club and everything goes out of control. Lilly starts spending all her time there and Rose seems to be interested in joining her. Terry finds out the club is a front for a big terrorist scam, now he must save his sisters and the town from harm.

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Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Chris Evan - asked by meanttoberuled

Status Que - Darren Criss

Henry (Hemsworth), Lyle (Hiddleston) and Peter (Evans) are best buds in the military, they went through a lot together. When they get back home everything has changed. Peter comes home to his child that was born after he left. Henry’s wife has become distant, he suspects she is cheating on him. And Lyle is unable to find a job and has to crash at Peter’s and Henry’s houses. Together they try to get through reality and battle off past demons from the war.

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» iKeepsake: Mariel I'm so sorry that it took me so long!


Josh Hutcherson and Emma Stone asked by orangetigger

Damien Rice- “The Blower’s Daughter”

Nate (Hutcherson) was used to having the spotlight on him at all times. As a former child star who had successfully transitioned into “Teen Heartthrob” territory and who is now beginning to embark on an…

Omg love it!!! I like the kid actor and teen heartthrob, I wonder where you got that idea ;)

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Kristin Chenoweth, Josh Dallas, and Matthew Goode asked by ikeepsake (of course!)

(If You’re Wondering If I Want You Too) I Want You To by Weezer

Sally (Kristin) has always dreamed of true love to sweep her off her feet. She hasn’t been very good at keeping men and as the world tells her around her, she’s not getting any younger. One day at a coffee shop she meets Howard (Josh) and they fall for each other. They go out for a couple weeks, then Sally invites Howard to meet her family for a reunion. They go to Florida where they meet her overprotective parents and a long time friend, Kevin (Matthew) who wants the best for Sally and is not too sure about Howard. Howard must prove his love and win over the toughest judges.

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Cillian Murphy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Sean Astin, Rachel McAdams, Gina Torres asked by idowhatiwantthor

For Everything a Reason - Carina Round

Thomas (Benedict) has been single for almost a year now, he wanted to get back on the market. This would be a lot easier if his ex wasn’t one of his clients as a lawyer. Rose (Rachel) is suing her Father’s company where her brother works, Cooper (Sean) which is causing a lot of family problems. Cooper’s best friend, Josh (Cillian) is the company’s lawyer and is helping with the case however Josh is in love with Thomas who he is going up against in court. Thomas goes to a club where he meets Tamara (Gina) they get together and Thomas is happy, but what role does Tamara have in all of this?

[sorry only gif I could find, I know it’s a little out of place but would love a different one if you got it]

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Kit Harington and Emma Stone asked by ikeepsake

Wake Up - Arcade Fire

James (Kit Harrington) is a failing actor living in New York. He is just about to give up when he meets up with Maddy (Emma Stone) his childhood sweetheart while he is working at a T.G.I. Fridays. They talk afterwards and he tells her how he’s about to call it quits, but Maddy is determined for him to live his dream. Together they drive across country to LA where Maddy’s boyfriend is an agent. Along the way the two of them grow up and start to fall back in love with each other. James has to choose between getting the agent or going after Maddy.

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