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If you had the chance to change your fate, would you?

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Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming… 

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The long rumored Finding Nemo sequel is official being released in November of 2015. It was even posted by Disney’s official Facebook and Ellen DeGeneres. Expect it to be awesome because, well, it’s Pixar. “According to Stanton (The Director), “Finding Dory” takes place about a year after the first film, and features returning favorites Marlin, Nemo and the Tank Gang, among others. Set in part along the California coastline, the story also welcomes a host of new characters, including a few who will prove to be a very important part of Dory’s life.”

“In ‘Finding Dory,’ she will be reunited with her loved ones, learning a few things about the meaning of family along the way.” 

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Pixar’s The Blue Umbrella

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Young MacGuffin

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+The Suitors

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Yesss Brave footage that is new to me.

OMG!! I wish they had more horse the relationship between Merida and the horse are so cute!! Looks so good!!

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+Totoro in Toy Story 3

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New Toy Story Short called "Small Fry" is to play in front of The Muppets

In Small Fry, Pixar director Teddy Newton voices a miniature version of Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), who replaces the full-size one.

A Happy Meal-type toy at a fast-food restaurant yearns to break out of his display case to play like a real toy. He kidnaps Buzz Lightyear in an attempt to take over his play-filled existence. The life-reversal forces the real Buzz Lightyear, voiced by Tim Allen, to deal with a support group for discarded, unloved fast-food toys. Though Buzz doesn’t fit into the group, he has trouble exiting.


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What is life…

This was the actual title card at D23

Kinda cool

They should just call it that. I like it.

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